Benefits of Working for Flothemes

Toys are us!

We like silver, polished, clean toys otherwise known as Apple. Everyone gets kitted up with the right hardware to get their job done. At the same time we believe in creativity away from the keyboard, that’s why brushes and paints, pencils and sketch materials are ready for when the doodle mood hits you.

Environment that motivates

It is great to be able to spend 8 hours a day in an environment that does not constrain but rather helps to create and think outside the box. In our new office you are able to move from room to room, from chair to sofa to the bean bag, sit in the open space or in the conference room or in the kitchen area with the coffee machine’s fuming sounds in the background, whatever makes you tick and motivates you to enjoy your work. 

Central. Local. Accessible.

We believe that getting to and from work should be easy. Our central location offers the best of all options for transportation, lunch spots and meet ups. And though we are surrounded by so many places with good coffee we boast with our own coffee machine which easily beats them all. Grab a mug and take a walk in the park to refresh before getting back to hustle of the office!

Work and Play Together

Whilst working together is fun, unwinding and relaxing is as important as getting work done. We enjoy getting together and hanging out outside of just Skype and email. Besides, working at Flo will significantly increase your table football skills during our monthly Tournaments, and be sure to watch out for that dribble be dope on the field during the weekly soccer games. 

Always a student.

We believe in constant growth, networking and engagement with the community. Internal trainings and workshops, either as a separate event or as a whole weekend camp, are essential for our team to share ideas, improve and develop. But growth doesn’t stop at the premises of our office and we encourage and support our team members who desire to participate in local, regional and international events.