Intern: Marketing Designer

  • Creates Custom Visual campaign visuals for our brands.
  • Understands Social Media and Email Marketing requirements.
  • Has experience creating design products in the past.
  • Able to create written captions or articles.
  • Plan visual communication with other marketing team members. (Social and Paid)
  • Interested to learn to design and implement site designs. (no coding knowledge required)
  • Collaborate and step in to creative roles with lead designers.

Skills and Benefits:

Loves visual and written messaging and communication. Having experience in design marketplaces, showcasing visuals and working with social media marketing teams is a benefit. Appreciation of team planning and organization for short and long term marketing campaigns. Understanding of branding and guides to adapt between multiple brands. Be open to connecting with clients and being a thoughtful caring representative of our brand. Pinterest experience and illustration skills are a perk.

  • Sketch or Photoshop experience.
  • Email Tools (Mailchimp or Drip)
  • PDF tools
  • Google Tools or Dropbox
  • Asana or Trello
  • Squarespace Experience (open to learning)

  • Passion driven for results
  • Can listen to feedback vs get angry
  • Ask questions even if it can be annoying
  • Not afraid to take responsibility and go above and beyond when needed
  • Have a learners mentality to continually grow and seek opportunities
  • Tidy
  • Have a pet (just an extra)
  • Know French, German or Spanish.
  • Attention to detail and polishing.
  • Always seeking positive energy