Social Community Brand Manager

Our relationships with clients grow deeper and more long term and our requirements grow, so it’s time to hire a community manager - someone who can be a brand account manager for their business to support their online presence built by us.

We have heard that you are the right kind of person.

We know that you are a online social people pleaser, self managed multi tasker who enjoys getting things done. You focus on building existing relationships and fostering new ones. You lead by example and see online partnership opportunities both big and small to empower ones business and brand socially. You enjoy photography, design and writing which you will have plenty of opportunities to do on a regular basis. You also are connected and engaged in daily communication with the community and providing detailed results for the rest of the team to understand both your day to day and long term vision. You understand team play and are able to collaborate both with us marketing, management, designer and developer type folks as a team.

You will be required to manage the following:

  • Social community management across platforms
  • Manage brand assets and press kit updates.
  • Networking, partnering and endorsements to grow the brand visibility.
  • Working with referral programs for rewarding others talking and selling our brand.
  • Be active in content creation for both informative articles, launches, interviews and social planning.
  • Provide insights and understandings on new trends, results and feedback for the brand.
  • Communicate and be a voice for the brand in forums and community groups.

You must have experience working for International (English) brands in an Agency environment for at least 2 years.


Read more about the benefits of working for Flothemes here.


Send us an email about yourself to, along with why you believe you are a good fit for our team. We are always open to meeting New Talent, and even if you are not sure about whether this position fits you fully, drop us a line to check.