Team Assistant & Office Manager


A people person, with goals to learn how business operations work, people management, communication and without the ego.
This is a support role that will keep you busy, engaged and attentive.

You will support the Founder as a personal assistant and the team with growing our brands through assisting execution in research, outreach, tasks and scheduling.
This role requires management and organization.

Anyone who applies should be excited to learn new tools, approaches and not be afraid to follow requests that improve the brand or support the Founders objectives to push our brand forward.
You will receive direct access to the Founder allowing you mentorship and growth for future opportunities as you learn first hand the reality of owning and leading a business.

This role is equally you assisting the Founder as it is keeping the Founder accountable, providing trust and rapport which makes this an important role.

Core Requirements:
  • Research
  • Communication Community forward
  • Self Seeking improvement for time management
  • Experience with teams or management.
  • Written Skills
  • Administrative Skills
  • Eager to Learn


  • Administrative
  • Content Planning
  • Correspondence and Communication
  • Meeting and Event Scheduling
  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Research
  • Outreach and Pitching
  • Errands
  • Logistics and Travel
  • Not afraid to have voice or video calls.

  • Dropbox Paper or Google Suite (Google Docs)
  • Excel Skills
  • Adobe Tools (Photoshop)
  • Online and Email scheduling apps, preferably calendly, calendar, zoom, Spark
  • Asana or Trello
  • Squarespace Experience (open to learning)

  • Passion driven for results
  • Can listen to feedback vs get angry
  • Ask questions even if it can be annoying :)
  • Not afraid to take responsibility and go above and beyond when needed
  • Have a learners mentality to continually grow and seek opportunities especially when required to research new tools.
  • Tidy
  • Have a pet (just an extra)
  • Know French, German or Spanish.
  • Attention to detail and polishing.
  • Always seeking positive energy

If you want to check if you are a good fit, please answer the following as CVs and Resumes are not required:

  • Share the details in a sentence, include your name, how others call you, your age, what have you done in the past or currently doing and why you are writing this message for this role. Be honest (you want to work with someone with more experience, learn from a team, understand the ins and outs of business, improve your communication and sales, just want to be passionately fulfilled)
  • Share a public profile link:

Answer all or a minimum of 3 questions below:
  • What experience have you had working with Founders or Leaders, or supporting a business grow?
  • What makes you humble or is your ethical code?
  • Does this role of working with the Founder scare or excite you?
  • Where did you travel last?
  • Have you been involved in charity or community? (ie supporting dog shelters, kids etc)
  • Where do you eat in the city currently?
  • Are you a member of a local gym or activity group? (e.g. pottery)
  • What is your view on family and business?

  • Lastly - Contact details.